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My name is Ali. I’m a Certified HypnoActive Birth Doula, who also happens to be a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (aka, mental health therapist)! I have felt drawn to the “helping professions” for as long as I can remember. As a mother, therapist, and doula, my soul thrives in spaces of vulnerability, love, hard work, struggle, depth, and growth. My strengths lie in my ability to show up–to stay present in and hold space for the most raw of human experiences. I feel so honored to be invited into such spaces by my clients.

I believe the birth process and experience, from conception through the fourth trimester and beyond, to be a pivotal, transformative, and tender period of life. Being held and supported in compassion and understanding is crucial throughout this time. I would love to walk with you through your journey of becoming.

I birthed my two babies at home, so I feel a particular connection to out-of-hospital births; however I support all types of birth in any environment. All that matters to me is that my clients feel seen, informed, and empowered to be in charge of their birth–to be in the driver seat, rather than just along for the ride as a participant or patient. Ultimately, I hope my clients will have a birth experience that they can feel at peace with and be proud of! We can get there together, no matter what twists and turns your birth may take.

Counties: Davis, Salt Lake, Utah
Primary Service: Birth Doula
Specialist Experience: LGBTQIA+, Water Birth
Education: MA/MS
Certifications: Certified HypnoActive Birth Doula; Certified in Reflexology for Pregnancy; Certified in Massage Techniques for the Professional Doula; Lincensed Clinical Social Worker; Advanced Training in Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders through Postpartum Support International
Additional Services: Abortion Support, Baby-led Weaning, Bereavement Doula, Breastfeeding Consultation, LGBQTIA+ Support, Miscarriage Support, Pelvic Floor Health Education & Support, Reflexology, Surrogates & Intended Parents, Therapist or Counselor
Languages: English

Hi 👋 I’m Allie, a birth doula located in Utah County and co-owner of Birth Embraced LLC.

I feel strongly that everyone deserves to feel trusted, heard, and supported continuously throughout the entire birth process. When those needs are met, birth can truly be enjoyed — not just something to endure in order to meet your baby! The way you feel giving birth is so impactful and deeply connected to your relationship with yourself, your postpartum experience, and your transition to parenthood. While there’s no way to control exactly how your birth will play out, feeling supported and understood will be so influential in your experience being a positive one.

My purpose as a doula is to support you exactly in the way that you need. I will navigate all of the emotional waves with you, put myself in some crazy positions to help you find comfort, and hold space for you to be or do whatever you need to in the moment.

I would love to work together with you towards the kind of birth experience you desire and deserve!

Counties: Utah
Primary Service: Birth Doula
Education: BA/BS
Languages: English, Spanish

Hello! Birth work and supporting families has been a part of my life for about 12 years. It all began after I had the most fantastic and loving support during the very challenging birth of my second daughter. As I reflected back on that experience I decided that I wanted to be that support for other birthing people and began my doula training. Guiding people with the support that best suits them, along with evidence-based education along the way, and watching them find their strength and power is truly a life-changing experience for me. It is always an honor to be invited into that intimate space of labor, birth and becoming a parent. In addition to birth support, I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and a certified lactation educator (CLE). Please let me know how I can support you on your path to parenthood and feeding your newborn.

Counties: Salt Lake, Summit, Utah
Primary Service: Birth Doula
Specialist Experience: Postpartum Doula, Water Birth
Education: BA/BS
Certifications: IBCLC, CLE
Additional Services: Abortion Support, Acupressure, Baby-led Weaning, First Aid and CPR, Lactation Consultant/Counselor, LGBQTIA+ Support
Languages: English

I am an experienced postpartum doula (night nanny), specializing in infant night care. My passion focuses on offering a smooth transition into life with a newborn by providing opportunities for mom/dad to sleep through the night while I care for baby. I also focus on sleep cueing the baby, and eventual sleep training at the appropriate age. I have been a mom since 2003 and understand the joys and frustrations of taking care of an infant with limited sleep. I am a previously certified Advanced EMT, certified BLS (Basic Life Support) Provider, and UDA (Utah Doula Association) member.

In addition to my own 2 sons, I have delivered twins and two singletons as a surrogate over the past 9 years. These specific qualifications and life experiences have made my services as a postpartum doula even more integral and meaningful. I look forward to meeting you and your little one!

Counties: Davis, Salt Lake, Summit, Tooele, Utah
Primary Service: Postpartum Doula
Specialist Experience: Postpartum Doula
Education: AA/AS
Certifications: BLS certified, former Advanced EMT
Additional Services: First Aid and CPR, Postpartum Doula, Sleep Education, Surrogates & Intended Parents
Languages: English