UDA 2019 Spring Conference Sneak Preview

Spring is here, flowers are in bloom, and it’s finally time for another UDA Spring Conference. With hours of insight and wisdom to soak up from professionals, you’ll leave with a full cup and renewed energy to use your skills and knowledge in your own circle of expertise.

Keynote speaker Courtney L. Everson, PhD and applied medical anthropologist, will educate attendees on the opportunities and challenges that come with the growing interest in doula care. She will conclude with a call to action to re-birth doula care in innovative and sustainable ways as they shift the conversation and landscape in their local communities. We doulas are all about shifting the conversation about doula care for the better, so this is one you won’t want to miss.

Brett Einerson

Interested in learning more about elective induction? Brett Einerson, an assistant professor of maternal-fetal medicine at the University of Utah, is presenting on the 2018 ARRIVE study, which compared death and complication rates for elective induction during week 39 versus waiting until at least 40+5 weeks for induction. He will focus on the implications of this study on elective induction.

For all you boss babes, Charlene Bosworth will share her knowledge on marketing trends, SEO, simple branding, and Facebook strategies to help you take your business to the next level in 2019. Come prepared to learn how to better communicate your services and bring more success to your business!

President of Midwives College of Utah, Kristi Ridd-Young, is presenting on creating a culture that supports open dialogue, despite any power dynamics (whether involving doula, nurse, doctor, or midwife). Probably most (hopefully all!) of us will benefit from improving our skills for the next time we find ourselves navigating a highly emotional situation.

Whether you’re a newbie in the field or an experienced professional, the 2019 UDA Spring Conference has valuable info for you. You’ll leave knowing how to take better care of your clients, communicate more effectively with other professionals, and how to take your business strategies to the next level. Click here to snag a ticket before it’s too late!