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Your %subscription_name% membership has been activated.  Welcome to the Utah Doula Association! We are so grateful to have you as part of this community. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy as a member of the UDA:

  • Advertising your business in the Utah Birth Forum on Facebook (please limit advertising posts to once a week)
  • Continuing education (and CEUs!) at our annual conference
  • Networking at our retreat and mentoring events
  • Online communities for picking other birth pro’s brains: Utah Doula Association – Doulas and UDA Community Partners
  • Building friendship, emotional support, and camaraderie between new doulas and more experienced doulas through the Doula Duos program (email utahdoulas@gmail.com with “Doula Duos program” in the subject line if you’d like to join!)

Your membership dues are used to help fund our grant program, which provides birth and postpartum doula services to families with financial constraints, while still compensating the doulas who provide the service.

Thank you again for joining our community. We look forward to getting to know you!