What is the UDA?

Founded in 1994, the Utah Doula Association is Utah’s largest and oldest premiere doula organization. Feel free to browse our website and find a doula who is a perfect fit for you. If you are an expectant mom, doula, or other birth professional, you will find many resources on our website. We invite you to learn more about what the UDA can do for you.


Join the UDA

As an organization for birth professionals along the Wasatch Front we are quickly spreading outward, welcoming doulas and other birth supporters into our family of advocates for positive birth. Help us increase awareness about doula work by joining the Utah Doula Association today and start receiving all the benefits of membership.


Use a Doula

A doula’s goal is to help a woman achieve a positive, even empowering, birth experience.  As an supporter, educator and advocate, using a doula empowers the expectant mother and her partner before, during and after the birth process.