Become a Doula

Since ancient times, those with a passion for birth have been bringing comfort and assistance to laboring women and new mothers.  This tradition continues today with professional birth and postpartum doulas.  If you are interested in becoming a doula, you are on your way to joining a strong and long tradition of birth and postpartum companions. We welcome you. There are many great paths to becoming a doula.

As members of the Utah Doula Association we agree to adhere to the DONA International Code of Ethics.

Those can be found here:

For Birth Doulas
For Postpartum Doulas

Doula Certification

Though certification is not required to become a doula, many find the educational opportunities that go along with certifying to be invaluable.

Prospective clients often appreciate a certified doula as well. There are many other organizations that certify and train doulas. You may be interested in checking with CAPPA, DONA, Birthing From Within, ICEA, and Birth Boot Camp to name a few.

Doula Trainings

Choosing to attend a doula training is a great first step.  Here you will learn invaluable skills that you can use to support new mothers and families.  It is also a great way to meet others and get involved in the birth community.

Doula Networking and Continuing Education

The Utah Doula Association is proud to host a Spring Conference, a Fall Retreat, and mentoring meetings (in person and on Facebook Live in our member’s only group) throughout the year.  You are invited!  Mentoring meetings, conferences and retreats help you to increase your skills, sharpen your knowledge, and get to know other doulas and birth professionals.  They are also a lot of fun! Visit our blog or become a member to visit with us at upcoming events. Another great way to keep up with upcoming events is to “like” us on Facebook.

We wish you much luck on your journey in assisting new families during their birth year. We look forward to meeting you!