Black Birth Matters

Black Births MatterBirth Workers of Color Scholarship

The UDA knows racism impacts birth in our nation.  We believe having greater diversity in birth workers is one way to improve outcomes.

We can’t solve systemic racism.  We can’t single handedly improve the disparity in birth outcomes and postpartum depression for birthing people of color. However, we know what we can do. As doulas we can help improve birth for all birthing people. In an effort to take a stand towards change, we are offering a birth worker of color training scholarship.

A portion of every UDA membership registration goes to support scholarships for under-represented communities in birth work. We feel passionate about being part of the solution to improve our country’s maternal mortality crisis and support the most vulnerable populations while pregnant, birthing, and postpartum. 

If you are a person of color interested in receiving training as a birth or postpartum doula, we invite you to apply.Apply for Doula Scholarship

Scholarship FAQ’s

What is included in the scholarship and how many are offered?

In 2021, the UDA will be offering one doula training scholarship up to $500 towards a doula training program of your choice.  The scholarship also includes a one year UDA membership, and attendance at the annual UDA Retreat.  The annual UDA retreat will be on June 19th, 2021.

Who grants the scholarship?

The UDA Outreach and Scholarship committee reviews all applications received and selects the final scholarship recipient.

Black pregnant person getting care

When will the scholarship be decided and available?

The deadline to apply for the scholarship is May 15th, 2021.The scholarship recipient will be notified by June 1st. The recipient will be invited to the annual UDA Retreat on June 19th, 2021.  We will present the award to the winner at the award ceremony.  The winner will be the guest of UDA at the retreat.