Blooming Your Birthwork 2012 Conference Preview

Caring For Women the Well-Mama Way: Understanding Signs and Symptoms of Perinatal Mood Disorders

Presented by: Kristin Burnett Hodson, MSW, LCSW & Amy-Rose White MSW, CSW

Kristin and Amy-Rose both work with The Healing Group: Center for Women’s Wellness and Family Counseling

They will be helping us to address and identify symptoms of pregnancy and postpartum mood disorders and learn how to screen for a history of depression and anxiety when meeting with clients. We will also be discussing a doula’s  role in supporting clients with perinatal mood disorders, and when, who, and how to refer clients who may need additional support.

As birth professionals we are in a unique position to offer an objective viewpoint when it comes to identifying perinatal mood disorders. This presentation will add one more tool to our bags so that we can better serve our clients.

If you haven’t already registered for the Conference do it NOW!! Register by 5/10 at midnight to be entered to win an hour massage or one of two Medela Harmony breastpumps!!