How the New UDA Outreach Committee Will Rock 2017

Melissa Olson – Birth Doula Bundles of Joy Doula Services 

The Utah Doula Association is starting 2017 strong with over 130 members. These amazing doulas are as diverse as the women and families they serve. Utah’s birth community has grown and developed in such a way that it prompted a change within the UDA.  Utah families need a safe place to come to know doulas, their philosophies, talents, backgrounds, passions, skills, and compassion. The Utah Doula Association is excited to meet this need in 2017 with the new Outreach Committee.

“The Outreach Committee is my lovechild.  I dreamt it up in my brain, honed its image through conversation and commiseration, and mapped out its framework under the glow of my laptop computer in the wee hours of the morning.  The women who have stepped up to the plate in its first year are true leaders and imaginaries.” –Rachel Winsley, 2017 president elect

The goal of the Outreach Committee is not only to present resources and services to marginalized and under-served families but also to highlight the amazing group of doulas we have at the UDA and what doulas of the UDA can do for you.

Our goal and plan are to publish weekly blog posts that are designed to help Utah families get to know doulas with active memberships in the Utah Doula Association. The Outreach Committee will showcase the benefits of hiring a doula that is affiliated with our organization, offer helpful tips and information with regard to pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. We will strive to provide well-rounded information to readers of all backgrounds and identities and share uplifting stories for all.

The first week of the month we will recap local events organized by the Utah Doula Association. Every month there is an opportunity to develop professionally and personally at an event sponsored, organized and facilitated by the UDA. These events include mentor meetings, the UDA New Year’s Dinner in January, the UDA Spring Conference in April, a summer potluck in July and the UDA Fall Retreat in November. Find a calendar of our events here and be sure to follow our Facebook page here for more details.

The second week of the month will be a blogpost especially for expectant mothers. The skills and knowledge of UDA doulas will be highlighted as doulas within our organization guest blog on various topics ranging from commonly asked questions about pregnancy, birth stories, personal experiences with infertility, recipes, video testimonials, etc.

The third week of the month will focus on the postpartum period. The postpartum period presents a special challenge for mothers. Will they breastfeed? Are they going to work outside of the home? What is on the other side of postpartum depression? What do I eat when I don’t have time for anything?  These are issues that will be discussed with care and compassion by birth workers who are enthusiastic about supporting parents during the fourth trimester and beyond.

The fourth topic of the month will be that of diversity. Issues facing minorities and marginalized families will be our focus. We live in such a diverse world and it is our goal to better understand birthing couples in Utah and how we can connect with and support one another.

The Outreach Committee of the Utah Doula Association is committed to providing a balanced approach and safe place to come for information. We are excited to have formed this new committee within the Utah Doula Association Board and look forward to publishing informative material that will benefit families in the mountain west.