Welcome to the New Website for the Utah Doula Association!

Well, the moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here! Welcome to the brand new website for the Utah Doula Association. Isn’t it lovely? We’ve worked hard as a board to create this fresh and accessible site to promote our members and spread the word about birth services in Utah. Here are some of the highlights of this new website:

New and Improved UDA Member Listings

After surveying our members last year, it became clear that the biggest priority for our members was a fantastic listings database. We know that our website is a valuable marketing tool for our members and we went all out with this area of the website. Clients looking for a doula can now search by geographical area. Not only that, but we’ve added multiple listing categories as well! In addition to birth and postpartum doula services, clients can now search for birth photographers, childbirth educators, placenta encapsulators, and breastfeeding services. Make sure to check off any of these additional services that you offer when you create your listing. Clients can do a broad search for all doulas serving any given area, or they can narrow their search by entering the name of a specific doula or by checking off all the services they are looking for. Pretty great, right?

Heightened Website Security

After our website got hit hard last year by viruses and malware, we wanted to make sure that this new site was stronger and less vulnerable to internet attacks. We want this site to remain fully functional for our members, so we put in a lot of time and thought into strengthening our defenses.

Simple Membership Payment Platform

With our new Stripe payment platform, membership dues and other payments have been streamlined. We’ll also be able to provider better customer service behind the scenes.

An Appealing Home for the UDA

It was important to us to create a welcoming, appealing, and easy-to-use landing spot for anyone searching for a doula in Utah. Our new site is clean, simple, and professional. The “love at first sight” that clients will feel when they find our website will leave them with a great impression of the UDA and of all of our members with listings on the website.

We know how frustrating it has been for our members to be without a functioning website for so long. In recognition of this, we are extending all memberships that were active at the time the old website crashed by an extra 6 months. If you joined during the time when our website was not functioning, your membership will be adjusted accordingly.

Next Steps

*Interested in joining the UDA? Click here to learn more about the perks of membership, register and pay your annual dues.
*Ready to submit your very own listing? Click here to get started!

A beautiful functioning website complete will fully-searchable listings is one of the main perks of membership in the UDA and we are so very pleased to be able to offer this to our members!

If you have feedback on the new site please contact usĀ support@utahdoulas.org