Why I Doula…

To celebrate World Doula Week we reached out to a few of our UDA members to learn why they “doula.” Here’s what they had to say:


“I doula because I believe every birthing person has a right to be treated with respect and compassion, and that doing so leads to better health outcomes. I believe positive birth experiences aren’t just a women’s issue or a parents’ issue, but a public health issue. Our world would change for the better if life began with empowered parents and I want to do my part to help that unfold. I want to remind women of their intrinsic power; to help build confidence in their body and abilities as a mother. I’m a bereavement doula because how parents experience the birth of their baby matters especially in the face of loss. I’m a doula because I want to offer loving kindness in difficult moments.” -Heather Tolley


“I doula because I love it!  I’m able to help mothers and fathers discover their strengths and achieve their goals. I get to witness couples bond in a new and unique way. I make special connections with people that I wouldn’t have otherwise and most of all I see love, strength, and beauty every time I go to work!” -Rachel Seangsuwan 


“I doula because I am called to the work. Years ago on a phone conversation with my sister after complaining about experiencing zero passion in my corporate job, she said, “you ought to become a doula.” “What’s a doula?” I asked her. She briefly explained the role of a doula and a strong voice inside me said, ‘I was born to do that.’ Doula work is meaningful work, it touches lives in a significant way that leaves me satisfied every time. I love engaging in the transition of this new life, it’s the perfect blend of practical and soulful work.” -Meredith Cohen 


“I doula because I love serving women and couples through one of the most vulnerable and exciting times of their lives. I love helping them feel supported, loved, and educated along the way. I cherish the relationships I gain with each family.  To be apart of someone’s birth is truly an honor.”  -Meagan Heaton




“I doula because I believe adding a baby to the family is a time when parents can find new confidence and learn new skills that can have a positive impact on their families for many years to come. I really enjoy seeing that process happen and being a small part in facilitating that. Witnessing the love and joy that welcomes a new baby is a huge plus, too.” -Andrea Lythgoe