Yoni Egg practices for a better life & a safer, more Joyous World

By: Melisa Brady, LMT, RYT

Yes, I can easily claim this and say for sure, it is true! Through my own experience of practicing, using a jade yoni egg, and feeling how the stone qualities feel near me, and inside of me, I quickly realized the urgency and importance of helping other women learn about this. It’s a perfect non-surgical, prescription drug-free solution to many of today’s women’s health issues.

What is Jade Egg Practice?

Jade Egg (JE) practice is the use of a stone—GIA Nephrite Jade in this case and preferably for all beginners, as it is of utmost sacredness and importance to be wise with what goes inside of us—inside the vagina. There are acupressure points within the vaginal walls that when stimulated, can alleviate pain and blocked energy.  It is VERY IMPORTANT to start slowly, introducing this to your body only when you are in a safe space and you and your Yoni are ready and naturally inviting the jade egg in.

These JE exercises—which are akin to kegel, but more intricate, directed and precise—strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. They increase a woman’s awareness and conscious connection to her root, also known as the Muladhara Chakra.

This is important because it helps seal and protect the body’s spiritual/cosmic/heavenly energy from leaking out. This powerful energy, also known as Prana (also meaning “breath” & “life”) can then be circulated through the body to nourish and balance the brain, glands, organs and whole body. These “secret squeeze” exercises also bring in more blood circulation to the entire pelvic region which brings healing and stimulates the movement of kundalini (primal energy located at the base of the spine).

Why Jade?

I am a true advocate of using Jade for yoni egg practices, as this is the stone originally used in ancient China. This stone was chosen for its revered energy & its heavy, non-porous, thermal conductivity qualities. It is especially good for clearing stagnation in the kidneys and reproductive organs. Therefore, I recommend Jade (Nephrite Jade to be exact, and be sure it’s certified genuine, as there are many fakes) for Yoni Egg Practices. I say this because there are now many stones being carved into eggs.

Healing through JE Practice

Through these practices, hormones begin to come into greater balance, bladder control is increased (this is huge after childbirth), sexual abuse and trauma can be healed and released, genital sensitivity comes alive and returns where there is vaginal pain and numbness, and very importantly, heart and womb connect; which is paramount to overall well being.

It is this aspect of heart and womb/yoni connecting that I find particularly exhilarating because I know women will create a better world than the one we are now seeing being acted out in society and on a global scale right now. I feel that if we, as women, are empowered and heal our wounds, then we have a chance to create a better world for our children and their children, and so on, forever.

About Melisa:

I am a native of Salt Lake City and am a devotee of nature and living in harmony with our Planet Earth. I learned of natural medicine and dietary choices as a way of health from my parents at a very young age. I have three children and have been working in the healing arts as a massage therapist for 24 years. I am also a yoga teacher and love studying and breathing (Pranayama), and exploring the inner world through meditation and Anusara Yoga.

I am a TreeSister (Treesisters.org) and believe my soul purpose is to help humanity through this time where a consciousness shift and drastic change in behavior is the only way we can survive. I work also with the Pachamama Alliance, to Change the Dream of the Modern World, into one where is is normal to give back to the Mother Earth.

I am available for private group instruction on Yoni Egg practices and have small/medium eggs for sale (for less that you’ll find online)! Contact me for more information and to request my services:

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Melisa Brady